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July 2, 2013


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~~This is a few weeks after "Brother my brother"~~



Arthur sat at the bar, holding a picture of him, France, Canada, America, and (Y/n). He looked at the picture and took another drink of his scotch. "What the bloody hell happened to them?" He slurred and looked at the young girl in the photo. "They were so close and they were always getting in trouble." He smiled at the memory of those two getting into trouble, messing with the other nations, one time they were messing around with his potions and spells and Alfred accidently turned them into mice. It took him three weeks to figure out how to change them back. Tears pricked in the corners of his eyes. He had watched his babies try to kill one another and his little girl was killed, by her older brother.



Kiku sighed and put his pencil down, he wanted to draw, but he found it very difficult to even draw a simple flower. He thought that maybe if he watched some TV his mind would clear. Sitting on the couch, he turned on the TV, and the first thing that came on was Pokémon. (Y/n)'s favorite anime. He watched a few minutes of the show, but he had to turn it off. It just wasn't the same with out her.



Ludwig was training by him self and looked over his shoulder. Usually (Y/n) would train with him, but when he saw no one running right beside him. He stopped. He walked away from the field where he usually trained and into the forest, where (Y/n) taught him how to fight from the trees. He looked behind him, expecting her to be hanging upside down like the monkey she was, but again saw nothing. He looked at the ground, anger and rage filled his body. "It's all his fault!" He yelled and punched a near by tree. He then fell to his knees and tiny tears started to appear in his blue eyes, but he quickly blinked them away, but only fresh tears replaced those.



Feliciano was making pasta when (Y/n)'s pet cat mewed at him. He looked down at the calico kitty and started crying again.

"Feli! You idiota! I'm-a gonna ki--" Lovino walked into the kitchen and saw his brother crying, "What did-a the potato bastardo do this time?" He sighed.

"G-Germany did nothing.. (Y/n)'s-a gone!" He picked up the cat and held her close.

"Gone..? you mean..." Romano's voice quieted and he looked down. Feli cried into the cat's fur, while his brother silently cried over his lost friend. Yeah she was annoying and liked to get into trouble with his brother, but she was always there for him when he wanted or needed to bitch about anything.



Yao looked at his hello kitty plush and threw it across the room. He couldn't look at hello kitty for the time being, she reminded him too much of her. He should have done some thing, stopped Alfred when he had the chance, but it was too late now. He hated him self.



Ivan looked out at his field of sunflowers and sighed, "I should have stepped in, then she would still be here, da?" He rubbed his eyes and bent down to pick a (Favorite flower.)



Alfred stood over her grave, staring down at the dirt where her body lies six feet under the soft soil. "I'm sorry sis.. but I had to end that war." he softly said, "why did we even start fighting in the first place?"

"You two started fighting over her oil preserves," Matthew softly said and put a flower on his sister's grave, "And then pride took over." He frowned, "You killed (Y/n), Alfred. you do realize that, that was a war crime, and you could get kicked out of the UN..

"I know," Alfred looked at Canada, "I'm leaving." He left and didn't look back.

"Alfie! Can I talk to you?" a chibi (Y/n) called out to her brother.

"Sure! Whatcha want little sis?" chibi Alfred smiled at his younger sister.

"When we get older, lets always have each other's backs and never have a war between us," she smiled at him, "Arthur and Francis had a war and France almost died! so lets never have a war against each other!" Alfred smiled and nodded.

"You wont have to worry! Cause a hero never attacks his younger sister!"




I own nothing!

the first part:…

The second part: you are here~!

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