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June 25, 2013


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"I already told you, I don't know what happened to her," Kiku frowned at the cop as he tried tointerrogating him.

"Mr. Honda, you were the last one who saw Miss (Last name) before she disappeared," the cop glaredat him and slammed his fist down on the table,"where thehell is she, Honda?!"

"I don't know," the Asian man shook his head.

"We could charge you with bullying if you don't fess up, so where's the body," he kept pushing the accusation that he had some thing to do with her being missing, as much as he hated to admit it, he did have something to do with her missing.

"She isn't dead!"

"Then where is she!?"

"I DON'T KNOW," Kiku yelled and slammed his hands down on the table and standing from the chair, causing the cop jump back.

It was his fault the girl was gone, but no one would believe him if he told them the truth.

"I don't know.." he sat back down in the chair and buried his face in his hands.

"What happened between you two? Weren't you two friends in grade school?" the cop asked.

"Yes.." Kiku said into his hands, " whathappened.. What happenedis a long story."

"Well we have all day, so entertain me," the cop said leaning back into the chair.

"Yes, (Y/n) and I were best friends during grade school, she was always smiling and happy," Kiku paused.


(Y/n) and Kiku had met during the middle of the school year in the4th grade,when (Y/n) first transferred to (new town) from (home town). She was a loud mouth and a smart ass, but Kiku enjoyed having her around. They did almost every thing together, in and out of school, they were inseparable. For the next few years they were best friends.

"HEY! KIKU-KUN!" (Y/n) yelledon the last day of school of 8th grade.

"hello, (Y/n)-chan," he smiled softly at her, "what did you get on your report card?"

"B's and C's"she smiled, "what'd you get?"

"A's" Kiku smiled at her, "what are you doing this summer?"

"hmm.. I might go camping, with my mom and her new boyfriend, in the bamboo forest," her smile grew bigger.

"Are you ok with him? I mean he treats you ok right? Her boyfriend I mean," Kiku looked at her worried a little. He noticed that she had been wearing baggy clothes for the past month and that she had been wearing long sleeves, and he knew she hated wearing long sleeves.

"w-wha? uh.. yeah.. he's ok," her smile vanished.

"(Y/n)! come get in the car so we can go camping for the next two months!" (Y/n)'s mom's boyfriend,Dave,yelled at her.

"c-coming! bye Kiku, I'll see you next year," she waved at him and ran to get into the car.

"Bye," he said softly and walked home.

After summer break was over and high school started, both Kiku and (Y/n) changed. Kiku gained a lot of friends, while (Y/n) became the outcast, and became very quiet, to the point of she didn't talk any more. Not even to Kiku. They stopped being friends and Kiku's new friendstarted to bully (Y/n). Calling her names and beating her up, Kiku did nothing but watch as his ex-bestfriend was tourchered and tormented.She didn't show any happy emotions like she use to, her eyes were filled with pain and sorrow, but even then those emotionseventually vanished.

One day during senior year, (Y/n) was walking through the halls of the school, and like usual every one tried to see her cry.

"Hey fat ass," Alfred called out to her, she just ignored him and kept walking. "HEY FAT ASS! I'M TALKING TO YOU!" Alfred yelled and grabbed her backpack, throwing her against the lockers with a loud thud. "its Friday,where's my money?"

"I don't have any more money Alfred, Arthur already took it all," she said with no emotion what so ever.

"oh.. well then I guess you need to bring more money then," he said, punching her in the gut. He punched her so hard it knocked the air out of her and she choked up a tiny bit of blood. Alfred just laughed at her and walked away. Kiku walked by not even glancing at her as she leaned against the lockers gasping for air. then the bell rang, "lovely." she said softly to her self and pushed off the lockers and walked into her class late, again.

"Ok class, today get into groups of two and lets get to work!" the teacher said happily. Of course the class had to have an odd number of students, so (Y/n) was left with out a partner, again, and not to any one's surprise she finished her assignment first.

"hey fatso!! what're the answers?" Gilbert walked over and glared at her. She ignored him and looked out the window. Gilbert sighed and walked away, and this really surprised her.

After school when she got home, her mother and step father weren't home, luckily. So he decided that that day was the day. she was finally getting out that place she was going to be fre--

"(Y/N)!" Her mother yelled from down stairs. 'great there goes my freedom, and she's drunk too.. typical..' she thought to her self.

"some here you stupid bitch!"

"yes mother?" she walked down the stairs and looked at her drunk mother.

"Get the fuck out! I'm kicking you out!" she yelled at her.

"but we get money for having her around," her husband said smirking down at her.

"what ever!" she yelled and threw her beer bottle at (Y/n).

(Y/n) saw the front door open and ran for it, her mother and step father were too intoxicated to comprehend what was happening.

She ran into the forest and stopped about half a mile away from her prison and collapsed.

~Time skip~

When (Y/n) woke up she wasn't in the forest anymore, in fact she didn't even think she was in the same country any more. She looked around and saw a young man with dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail, he was wearing a red Chinese dress with white pants. Other than the man, it looked like she was in a Chinesetemple of some sort.

"Excuse me.. sir?" (Y/n) gently shook the man's knee and lazilyopened onecaramel coloredeye to look at her.

"oh you're awake, aru," he opened both eyes and smiled at her.

"Where am I, and who are you?" she looked into his eyes for a few seconds then glanced away, she knew better than to look some one in the eyes, but his eyes were so beautiful she couldn't help but to look in to them.

"You're in my home, and Wang Yao, aru," he smiled at her, "and who are you?"

"(Y/n), how did I get here..?" she weakly asked.

"Please, eat, aru," he handed her a bowl of rice and stir-fry, the food looked and smelt so good! But she shook her head.

"I-I'm not hungry," she lied, she was to scared to eat anything. She wanted so much to be skinny that she starved her self in hoped of fitting in again, and getting her friend Kiku back. She loved Kiku, yes that's right she loved him at one point in time.

"you've been out cold for two days, aru. eat," he took a pair of chopsticks and lifted up some rice to her mouth. She only shook her head again. "Aiya, I'm pretty sure humans need to eat every day at least." he sighed and set the bowl of food down on the table.

"Wait you said that I've been out cold for two days right? so its sunday right?"

"Yes, why?" He looked at her confused.

"I have school tomorrow.." She softly said and looked away.

"You can miss a day, aru. You look like you could use a day off, or some thing." He smiled at her. She felt strange, it scared her more than anything else that had happened to her. She shook her head.

"I can't afford to miss any more school," she whispered softly.

"Then I can teach you every thing I know, aru!" He smiled at her. She looked up at him surprised, "What?"

"n-nothing.." she looked down again. Yao frowned at her.

"I may not know you very well, but I know when a human in up set and hurt," he leaned closer to her, "and you are very hurt." He smiled sweetly at her.

"P-Please stop that..." She looked at him, trying to regain her emotionless composer.

"Sorry," he leaned back in the chair, "what was I doing, aru?"

"Y-you're doing it again," she tried to get up, but she was too weak.

"Ayia! Please don't get up, aru!" He gently pushed her back down on the bed, "I'm sorry but i'm going to have to keep you here until you get your strength back, aru!"

She looked up at him, then looked away again, she whispered,"ok."

Yao didn't want her to leave, he wanted to make her feel better and forget about the things troubling her. Out of the four thousand years that he's been alive, he had never seen some one so young, so hurt. He wanted to see another emotion from her other than being scared. He wanted to see her happy.

~Time skip to a few days later~

Yao had convinced (Y/n) to eat something and pampered her, getting her nice clothes and jewelry, and any thing she looked at when they went shopping or out to the market. She soon found out that she was in the rural part of China, and wondered how the hell did she get in China. But she never got the nerve to ask Yao how they got there. She was too scared to ask, the way he was treating her scared her too, but she was getting use to his actions and she started to like it. One afternoon, Yao saw some of the scars on the back of her neck from her parents and he felt angry. Not at her of course, but angry at who ever hurt her.

"(Y/n), what happened, aru..?" He looked at her with pain in his eyes.

"w-what do you mean," she looked up at him, and for once they kept eye contact for more than ten seconds.

"The back of your neck has a lot of scars on it, aru." He saw the color leave her face.

"I-it was along time ago," she looked at the ground, to try and hide her face.

"It's ok," He smiled at her and hugged her, "you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to, aru." and for the first time in a long while, little hot tears started to form in her eyes. She hugged Yao back and buried her face in his chest. She had finally figured out the feeling she was so scared of. It was kindness, and she never wanted to lose that feeling.

"(Y/n)?!" she heard a familiar voice call out to her. She looked at the person who said her name, it was Kiku. "(Y/n)! You're alive?!"

"Who are you?" Yao glared at Kiku and held (Y/n) close to him.

"My name is Kiku, I'm here to take (Y/n) home, her parents are worried sick about her and so is every one else," Kiku looked at the now scared girl.

"I-is that what you think..?" (Y/n)'s voice started off as a whisper, "You think that they are worried about me..? You didn't even notice that every single person in that hell hole torchered me every single day!You just watched them beat me and not even care!"

"(Y/n)," Kiku frowned, "You're the one who became all quiet."

"And you became the asshole.. I can't believe that I actually use to love to," her voice trailed off, she turned and ran from Kiku and Yao. They were both shocked about what just happened. Yao found out it was all Kiku's fault, and Kiku found out that his childhood crush loved him. Kiku took off after her, but a low growl from behind made him stop in his tracks, and looked back at Yao.

"You. will not. ever. hurt. her. again!" Yao yelled and fire started to form around him, his body started to change into a gold and red Chinesedragon. Kiku stared with wide eyes and ran for his life. Yao flew in front of him, "You will leave this place and never come back,or else, so help me, I will eat you!" Yao huffed smoke and fire out of his snout. Kiku nodded and gulped. "Good!" He let Kiku go and he took off like the rat he was. Yao turned back into his human form and ran off to find (Y/n).

He looked every where, but he couldn't find her. He checked in all the places that he had shown her, all except the Bamboo forest where he took her to see the pandas. He ran as fast as his human body would allow and started calling out her name. A soft breeze blew toward Yao, and he smelt human blood. His eyes widened in fear and ran toward the sent.

Soon, he saw a small pale hand, covered in blood, laying on the ground. He ran over to the hand to find the rest of her laying on bamboo leaves, in her other hand she had a sharp rock, covered in blood.

"No.. NO!" he fell to his knees and took her limp body in his arms and started crying, "(Y/n)! Please stay with me!" He wanted to hear her say something anything. He needed her to live! He was lonely for so long, he loved her and he wanted her to stay with him for ever. "Come back! Please, Wǒ i nǐ.. Wǒ i nǐ.." he cried into her soft hair, and held her close. He then looked at the sky and roared.


"So you're telling me that she's with a Chinese Dragon?" the cop looked at Kiku in disbelief.

"Yes," Kiku was dead serious. He didn't know that the girl had killed her self, all he knew was that (Y/n) was in China some where, with a crazy dragon.

"Mr. Honda, you're under arrest for the disappearance of (full name), you have the right to remain silent,any thing you say can and will be used against you in the court of law," the cop arrested Kiku.

Kiku was charged with insanity, to where he was put in a nut house for the rest of his natural life.

I own nothing.

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