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June 26, 2013


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Ber knew she would be safer if they left Mathis's territory, so that's what he did, but he couldn't carry her around they way he was. But he couldn't swallow her either, his body would digest her quickly, because he hadn't eaten anything in weeks.

"BERWALD!! WHERE IS THE HUMAN?!" he could hear Mathis yell in the distance. (Y/n) clung to him, shaking in fear. Ber then slithered across the border. "Berwald! If you leave," Mathis huffed, trying to catch his breath, "consider you're self exiled!"

"F'ne," Ber glared at him and hissed, "you're n't t'kin' away m' mate." He slithered off and glanced back at the four nagas who had gathered at the border.

"B-ber.." (Y/n) softly spoke up, "I-I'm sorry."

"D'n't b'.. It w's m' fault, I should h've made s're I lost th'm b'fore I came t' see ya," he held her closer and made his way through the unknown territory, keeping his guard up. He soon came across a familiar sent, he hissed softly and set his mate down at the base of a tree, and hid her with the bushes around her. "St'y here, 'nd b' v'ry quiet," he whispered to her and she nodded, listening to the sound of rustling leaves, of him moving away from her, she then heard nothing but silence. 'He must have climbed a tree,' she thought to her self, and then she heard several different hisses. She covered her mouth and nose to muffle her breathing. The hisses only grew louder. She didn't recognize them as her Berwald's hisses, his hiss was soft but powerful, but these hisses, one was melodic, one was powerful, and one was almost cocky like.

Berwald was watching the three nagas come into view, only to see his three cousins, Ludwig, Gilbert, and Roderick. 'Oh great,' he hissed to him self. Ludwig looked around, he could smell something, but he didn't know what it was.

"Vait.." he looked at the other two Germanic naga's, "Sssomezhing'ss here.." he looked at (Y/n)'s hiding place and slithered over to it, Gilbert and Roderick followed him. Ludwig took his red, black and gold tail and moved the bushes away to see a young female human with (h/c) hair and dull (e/c) eyes.

"keseseses~ You found a human! Und she's a frau too! Zhat iss awesome! Danke for finding a mate for me, bruder!" Gil wrapped his black and white tail around (Y/n)'s waist pulling her to him. She tried pushed him away, but she was too weak.

"B-ber!" she squeaked.

"Ber..?" the three looked at each other, then the shadow of a very large naga over casted them.








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Part three: you is here~!

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