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June 25, 2013


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****This has some vore in it*****



"Tino!" His mother called for him, "I have ssomething for you!" Tino eagerly slithered down to his parents and looked up at them. "Happy birthday, ssweet heart!" His mother hugged him, turned to his father, and nodded.

"And as a four year old naga," his father slithered past him and pulled out a tied up girl with big scared (e/c) eyes, and short (h/c), from the closet, and smiled at him, "You get your first live prey."

Tino stared at the girl with wide eyes and looked at his parents, "but she's a human!"

"She is not a human, she's a winged one!" His father spun the girl around and Tino saw her small yellow down covered wings. He could clearly see that she was terrified, and he didn't want to eat some one so cute, but he knew his parents would eat her if he didn't. He gulped and wrapped his tail around her waist and started to eat her head first. She started to freak out and her tiny wings started to flap wildly. He wanted to tell her not to worry, and that he would let her go as soon as he was away from his parents, but he wasn't telepathic.

She started to cry as he swallowed her feet. His parents smiled at him brightly. Tino just felt sick to his stomach. He wanted to run and throw her up, he felt awful, swallowing live prey was horrible.

"Don't worry son," his father ruffled his hair, "It'll get better as you get older."

This made Tino frown, "Can I go to my room now..?" This surprised his parents, but they nodded and he made his way up to his room as quickly as he could. His movements were slow and sluggish from the girl in his belly. the second he got in to his room he started to spit her up. When she was out of him, she jumped back and got into a fighting pose.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Tino held up his hands innocently, "It was either I eat you then spit you back up or my parents eating you then you would have died!" she relaxed a little, but she didn't let her guard down. "Do you under stand me..?"

"yes.." she watched him carefully.

"My name's Tino," he smiled at her. She only stared at him and looked around the room, "do you have a name..?" she nodded. "Then what's your name?"

"(Y/n)," she looked back at him.

"Can I see your wings..? I've never seen a winged one before," he took a step closer and she glared at him, "I'm not going to eat you again."

"You promise you'll never eat me again, promise!" Her small yellow wings opened up, trying to make herself look intimidating, but all Tino did was smile.

"I promise," he slithered over to her.

"Pinkie promise!" she held out her clawed pinkie. Tino stared at her with his purple eyes and put his pinkie with hers.

"Pinkie promise," he smiled and (Y/n) let him see her wings, "Wow."


"They're like golden!"

"There is no way my feathers are golden, they're yellow!"

"shh! my parents will hear you!" He looked at the door worried and then back at her, "you have to get out of here!"

"Alright," she opened the window and jumps out onto the roof, then she turned back to face him, "Thank you, Tino."

"For what?" Tino looked confused.

"Not killing me, most nagas would have eaten easy prey like me, so thank you for not eating me," she gave him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek, which made blush. "I'll never forget you, Tino!" she smiled and jumped off the roof and ran into the forest.



Tino opened his eyes and uncoiled him self. He had another dream about her. The girl he'd only seen once in his life, but he remembers it like it was yesterday. (Y/n), he wanted to find her again, but it's been sixteen years since that day. Yawning he slithered outside and into the forest, hunting. One thing his father was right about, was that eating live prey was a lot better than dead prey.

He was on the hunt for hours before he picked up on something's sent. He sniffed the air and slithered toward it. He came to a clearing and saw a girl with long (h/c), she had beautiful white wings with light red coloring on the tips of them. Tino slithered over to her to get a closer look at the girl. She heard him coming and spun around in the same fighting stance from all that time ago. His eyes grew wide.

"(Y/n)..?" He got closer to her and she dropped the stance.




Part one: You is here!

Part two:…

Part three:…

Part four:…

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