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June 11, 2013


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Toris looked over his shoulder to make sure that no one was following him. He wanted no one to know his secret, especially not Ivan or his younger brother, Nicolai. He walked into the forest surrounding Ivan's house, it was early in the morning and the sun hasn't even woken up yet. Glancing around again he picked up the pace into a swift walk, he had a backpack with him, he had to get to her and be back before any one woke up. Again he picked up the pace into a run, and soon he reached a small cabin hidden by thick brush and trees covered in snow. He hated that he had to hide her, but he knew that Ivan would hurt her. He just had to keep her safe, no matter what. Again he looked around before quickly walking into the cabin.
"(Y/n)?" He softly called out, "it's me." he walked into a small room and saw a pile of blankets on the small bed, he then carefully pulled the blankets off the bed and sighed in relief when he saw her (h/l)(h/c) hair. Her sleeping face was peaceful, until the cold air touched her (skin tone) cheeks. Closing her eyes tightly, she then yawned a little and opened her tired (e/c) eyes. She smiled softly at Toris.
"Hello, big brother," she sat up and hugged Toris.
"Hey (y/n)," he hugged her back, "I brought you a new book, and some cookies." he petted her soft hair and sat the back pack down next to the bed and unzipped it. He then pulled out a package of (fave. cookies), a large vodka bottle, that he got from Ivan once it was empty and cleaned it out and filled it with water for his sister, (fave. book), and some food that he swiped from the kitchen before he left.
"Big brother," (y/n) looked up at him with her big (e/c) eyes and innocently asked, "why do I have to stay out here away from every one? can't I stay with Ravis or Feliks?"
He frowned and looked into her eyes with his green ones. He had never explained to her why she had to stay in the cabin and why she couldn't stay with Ravis or Feliks. (Y/n) was young and so innocent he didn't know how to tell her that there were people who wouldn't think twice about hurting his baby sister, he took a deep breath, "well.. (Y/n) I have a story to tell you.. and I want you to listen very carefully, ok." (Y/n) nodded and pulled her stuffed dog close to her chest.
"Once upon a time, there was a kind and beautiful princess with soft (h/l)(h/c) and beautiful (e/c) eyes that sparkled every time she smiled," (Y/n) giggled which made Toris smile, "she had an older brother, and they lived in a beautiful castle by the sea. The prince had friends in the neighboring kingdoms, and so did the princess. One day a prince in the kingdom to the east of their kingdom wanted more land and power so he started invading and taking over kingdoms that surrounded the one that the prince and beautiful princess lived in." Toris paused and looked at his sister who was watching him very interested in the story, "the prince got worried because his younger sister was in danger, you see the prince who wanted all the power, his name was Ivan, and Ivan was a very mean and brutal, he took all the other princes and princesses captive and made them all work for him, he even took his brothers captive. The prince knew that Ivan would come for him and his baby sister, and out of fear he hid the princess, not wanting Ivan to find and hurt her. He hid her in a small cabin in the woods, and when Ivan came for the prince, he took him captive and forced him to work very hard for no reason, along with the other princes, but Ivan mainly took all his anger out on the prince. but neither Ivan or his brothers knew about his sister, only the other princes knew that he had a younger sister but they never knew where she was or what happened to her, and the prince kept her location a secret for as long as possible and every morning, before the sun came up, and every night after everyone in Ivan's castle went to bed he snuck out to see her, it didn't matter if it was raining, snowing, storming, or if it was clear, he still went out to see her and bring her food and water and books for her to read."
"Does Ivan ever find the princess?" (Y/n) asked.
"As far as I know, no one found the princess's hiding place," Toris smiled.
"brother... am I the princess? and are you the prince?" her big eyes were full of fear. Toris's smile faded and he frowned.
"yes, but as long as I am alive I will never let any one harm you, but for now you have stay hidden and I promise no one will get to you," he promised. (Y/n) was scared and shocked, she had no idea that her brother had been through that.
"b-big brother, p-please be careful," she started to cry, "I don't want anything to happen to you." she hugged him tightly.
"nothing will happen to me," he reassured and hugged her back, "but I have to go, and don't eat all the cookies at one time, I don't want you getting sick." he wiped away her tears and brushed the hair out of her eyes, which made (Y/n) giggle.
"Ok," she smiled.
"I'll be back tonight, (Y/n)," he got up and grabbed the back pack.
"bye big brother, I love you," (y/n) smiled.
"I love you too," he ruffled her hair and left back to Ivan's house, covering his tracks as he went back.
He looked around being careful not to leave any trace of him leaving the house. But what he didn't notice, was a pair of dark blue eyes watching Toris's every move as he covered his tracks in the snow. The blue eyed man waited for Toris to get out of site before he left his hiding place and made his way to where he came from. When he saw the small cabin his eye brows raised in confusion.
"what is that little bug hiding that is so precious way out here?" he asked him self, walking closer to the cabin he heard very soft singing, he walked closer and looked in the window and saw (Y/n). His jaw dropped, Toris was hiding a beautiful girl in the middle of a forest. "ohhohoho, big brother Ivan is going to love this," he laughed to him self, walked around to the door, and let him self in.
(Y/n) didn't even hear him come in, she was munching on her cookies and reading the book big brother brought for her, when he walked in to her room.
"Hello," he smirked at her.

I own nothing!
and if you haven't figured this out yet I use their human names and Belarus and Ukraine are the only gender mixed ones.


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