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June 26, 2013


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(Y/n) just laid on the floor for what seemed like hours. She tried to get up name times during this time but she was still too weak, and eventually gave up. She laid still on the floor and silently cried.

"b-big brother... h-help..." she whispered, but her calls went unanswered. She kept telling her self that this was all just a dream and she would wake up in her bed at home. Oh what a bad dream this was. She closed her eyes tightly and wished to wake up. The door opened and some one walked in. She opened her eyes and saw Nicolai. He was smiling at her.

"Hello," he crouched down next to her, "here let me help you up." He reached out to pick her up, she flinched and tried to roll away. He frowned and picked her up any way. "You're mine rather you like it or not!" He placed her on the bed, "don't cry." Nicolai touched her cheek and smiled down at her. "Marry me~" She shook her head, which made him smirk, "I wont stop until you do~" he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head. (Y/n) shook in fear. Nicolai nuzzled her neck and kissed her jugular, she closed her eyes tightly.

"P-please stop.." she whimpered.

"Not until you marry me~"

"No!" she squeaked, "you are crazy if you think i'm going to love you after what you've done!" Nicolai went silent, "You kidnapped me! Then you took me to prince Ivan, and he nearly beat me to death! You're keeping me captive in your room! A-and now.." she started to cry her eyes out, "And now big brother is hurt and I don't even know if he's still alive!" She sobbed, Nicolai let go of her hands and she cried into her hands.

"If I bring you that bug-- I mean if I bring you Toris and show you he's ok," he looked at her and helped her sit up, "you'll marry me then."

"If you can keep big brother from being hurt," she looked into his dark blue eyes, "then I'll marry you." This made him smile. He hugged her tightly, and kissed her deeply. she froze up and stared at him with wide eyes. "Y-you have to keep brother safe though!"

"Da.. I will keep that bug safe.." he sighed.

"And stop calling him bug," she looked at him. He nodded.

"Fine, I'll go get him then," he got up and went to go get Toris.

(Y/n) leaned up against the wall and sighed sadly. She was going to marry a creep, but at least she knew her brother would be safe. Then some thing dawned on her, she didn't even know his name! And he didn't know her name!

Else where in the house, Nicolai found Toris.

"Come with me," Nicolai looked at Toris.

"W-why?" Toris glared at him.

"Because, my fiancée wants to see you," Nicolai smirked.

"Fiancée!? How did you get a Fiancée?!" Toris's face went pale. "Please tell me it's not (Y/n).."

"(Y/n)? So that's her name~" he smirked.

"Oh my.. god.." the thought of Nicolai AND Ivan as brother-in-laws came to his mind. He didn't want to even see them now, what made Nicolai think he had a right to his baby sister any way?! In his eyes, she was way to young to even be interested in guys! His mind went back to them being brother in laws. The thought of Nicolai marrying and impregnating his sister with his evil demon spawn, he didn't know if it made him angry, scared, or sick to his stomach. So he just fainted.

"Great.." Nicolai sighed and picked Toris up and carried him up to his room. "He fainted, I did nothing to him." He told (Y/n) and sat Toris down in the room.

"Wha..?" He started to wake up and he saw Nicolai next to (Y/n). "Nicolai! Get away from my sister!"

"Big brother! Please let me explain!" (Y/n) frowned.

"Nicolai, please let me talk to my sister for a moment," Toris stared at her, Nicolai left the room and let them talk. "Are you crazy! that man will kill you! He is Ivan's younger brother!"

"Big brother," she looked at the floor then at him, "You've made sacrifices for me, and let me help you in some way. Please." Toris frowned.

"Then help me some other way."

"but he said that he could protect you and make sure you don't get hurt," she started to cry again. He was surprised, she sounded just like himself. He didn't like what she was doing, but he nodded.

"I trust you," He smiled softly, a few days ago she was a scared little girl, she still is one, but she was growing up. At this time Nicolai came back into the room and Toris glared at him. "Take care of my baby sister!" He left the room and went back to the other Baltics.








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Part five: You is here~!

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