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June 19, 2013


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~Belarus being a creeper again and this has violence and blood, you has been warned.~


"Big brother? where are you?" (Y/n) called out in to the darkness, "Big brother it's so cold. I'm scared."

"I.. I'm sorry... (Y/n)," Toris faintly called back from where ever he was.

"Brother?" she walked toward her brother's voice, but it only got colder and colder. Then she saw red snow falling from the sky, bright red flakes fell to the ground and soon the entire area was covered in the red snow, out lining the surrounding area. A field, she wasn't the only one in the field though. There were two people in front of her, a tall one and a shorter one. As she walked closer, the taller one hugged the shorter one, but this wasn't like a regular hug. It was forced. Violent almost. The shorter one fell to the ground holding it's stomach. It's hands were wrapped around a stick that was sticking out of it's stomach. She ran toward the two, then the taller one looked at her, it's eyes were glowing a dark blue.

Upon getting closer she realized that the fallen person was her older brother, and the one that was still standing was the man who had kidnapped her.

"Nothing will stand in the way of me being with you," he smirked, "you're mine, and nothing will change that." he reached down and pulled out the stick, no, it was a knife. He had killed her brother and he expected her to be his. She shook her head and backed away.

"N-no," she stuttered. The metallic sent of the crimson liquid was over whelming and the air became very thick, making it very hard to breathe. She backed away, stumbling over her own feet falling to the red snow. The man was now standing above her.

"Da, you are mine and mine alone," he crouched down next to her and pulled her in a tight embrace, "nothing will stand in the way, and if they do," he chuckled, "I will kill them."

"n-no," she started to cry and tried to pull away, but she couldn't break free from his vice grip.


(Y/n)'s eyes shot open, and she tried to sit up, but she couldn't move. Looking around, she saw darkness, as her eyes adjusted he saw stone floor, boxes, and various other things. She tried to move again, but she could only squirm and wiggle under the ropes that bound her. Then the door opened, letting in a bright light that only light the room a little and heavy foot steps coming from the stairs. She stopped moving and laid still. She closed her eyes tightly, listening to the person walk down the steps.

Then the steps were on the stone floor now. Each one echoed softly in the room as they grew louder and louder, then the person nudged her with their boot, digging the hard toe into her ribs making her whimper softly.

"Good, your awake," she looked up to see purple eyes staring at her, he said nothing else only bending down to easily lift her off the ground carrying her up the stairs by her bonds. He carried her up the stairs, she tried to scream but there was a piece of duct-tape across her mouth, muffling her screams. "be quiet, da." He dropped her on the hard wood floor with a thud.

He dug his heel into the middle of her back, making her jolt and gasp. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her off  the ground, looking her in the eyes. (Y/n) screamed in pain closing her eyes tightly. Ivan smirked, "you are weak, just like Toris." He punched her in the stomach and dropped her on the ground, then kicked her in the ribs making her cough and cry out in pain. He continuously kicked in the ribs until he grew tired of hitting her. Looking down at the broken and bleeding girl, he smirked triumphantly. "TORIS! COME CLEAN THIS UP!" he yelled loudly, making (Y/n) cringe.

"Y-yes, Mr. Ivan," Toris called back and quickly walked to Ivan's study. When he saw his younger sister laying there, tied up and beaten on the floor, he nearly screamed. "(Y-Y/n)!" he ran over to the girl and gently pulled her into his arms, "W-what did you do to her?!" he glared at Ivan. "(Y/n), can you hear me please say some thing!" he begged her and carefully took off the tape covering her mouth. (Y/n) barely opened her eyes and coughed up some blood.

"bi... big b-brother...." she whimpered.

"This is what happens when you hide something, and, steal from me," Ivan glared at Toris, "and from now on, if you ever mess up, your sister will be the one who gets punished, and you will have to watch."

"n-no! please do what ever you want to me just leave her out of this--" Toris was cut off by a punch to the head from Ivan.

"Don't talk back to me!" Ivan growled.

(Y/n) could do nothing but lay there and watch what was happening, every thing was like a bad dream and she wanted to wake up desperately. she wanted to go home, home home, not the cabin in the forest, their home by the Baltic Sea. She wanted every thing to be over, tears started to form in the eyes. She wanted the pain to go away, and she wanted Ivan and Nicolai to disappear and leave them alone. She hated feeling so weak and useless. She wished there was something that she could do to help.

"Brother, where is the girl?" Nicolai walked into the room right when Ivan was about to strike Toris with his pipe, and Toris was holding his baby sister close to his chest. Ivan glared at his younger brother. Nicolai stared at his obsession with wide eyes, then he glared at Ivan.





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I can't wait to see what happens next!
kentaka123456 Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Me too
gingerbob1415 Jun 20, 2013   Photographer
I can't wait for the next part. xD
kentaka123456 Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'll work on it
gingerbob1415 Jun 21, 2013   Photographer
kentaka123456 Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If that is what you wish
kentaka123456 Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's ok one creep is on your side kinda
............ i perfer russia over belarus but beggers can't be choosers..........well we can we're just to lazy too
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